Common Misconceptions about Minibus Hire Services

If you have ever caught yourself thinking, should I book a mini bus hire service or not, so fret not! There are many people like you who keep on thinking should I consider a mini bus hire? Cost might be the major reason since you have to keep check of your expenses while going out with friends and family.

However, these are merely misconceptions. You can get affordable mini buses too; all you need is to reach out to the right people. Apart from this, there are several other factors which make hiring a mini bus service worth spending. Like for example, if you look at the condition of a public transport, the tube is overcrowded. On the other hand, taxis are not big enough.

Surely, these are considerable reasons to opt a private mini bus for a smooth and memorable travel. However, for your satisfaction, let’s debunk mini bus hire misconceptions so that the next time you go for a trip; experience a comfortable journey.

Myth # 01: Minibus Hire is Always More Expensive than Public Transport

Now that’s a common misconception about mini bus hire that flies around a lot amongst the daily commuters. But does it hold any truth? Let’s examine. Public transport is known for being easy on the wallet. But don’t rule out minibus hire just yet! Here’s why it can be budget-friendly both for vacationers and daily commuters.

Group Power

Minibus can seem expensive for a daily commute but if you break down the cost over time, public transport commuters spend five times as that of European workers when traveling for work (that makes up to £3,454 just to get to the office).

Thereby, in that case, group buys seem like a better alternative.

Time Savings

When on a road trip, public transport has several stops which you can’t control. In contrary, private mini bus will go straight to your destination and will only stop where you have a need to like for petrol refilling or using washrooms. 

Now you decide – which ones’ a winner? Also, check out our blog on whether to go for the public transport or the mini bus hire.

Myth #02: Mini buses are Only for Large Groups and Uncomfortable and Cramped

This is another misconception about mini bus hire services. If you always thought minibuses were just for transporting big crowds? Think again! Mini Buses come in a variety of sizes, offering comfortable options for even groups as small as 6-8 people. This makes it perfect for a cozy family vacation or a weekend getaway with friends!

 Here’s how minibuses provide an edge over regular cars:

Ample legroom and plush seating

There’s ample legroom and plush seating for you to stretch out and comfortably doze off unlike trains and cramped car interiors which can be spine-breaking for longer journeys.

Reclinable seats

Some minibuses are even equipped with reclining seats –perfect for those who struggle with back pain issues.

Myth #4: Minibuses Are Not Safe or Well Maintained

Safety is very important, and we understand these concerns of commuters (given how bad it can get on the streets of London). Following are some signs that reputable companies display:

Experienced Drivers

Hiring minibus services from a reputable agency gives you this peace of mind because they always recruit the professional and experienced drivers. Furthermore, they are well-trained with road ethics and safety guidelines. Also, they are good in conduct because an agency takes care of all these parameters to assure client satisfaction.

Top-Notch Maintenance

Know that reputable companies have to register with the transport authority and their vehicles get inspected regularly. Thus, it’s a wise option to opt a trust-worthy agency service rather than public transport for a relaxing and luxurious drive.

And it goes without saying, check the safety features of cars like seatbelts and airbags, before booking one. You can also cross-check the safety rating of the agency with your local transport body.

To learn more, check out our blog about hiring minibuses.

Myth #5: Minibuses Are Not Suitable for All Destinations

Thinking minibuses are restricted to certain areas? Think again! Let’s debunk this common misconceptions about minibus hire:

Can’t Handle Narrow Roads or Difficult Terrain

While some might imagine minibuses getting stuck on winding roads, their maneuverability is a hidden strength. Compared to larger coaches, minibuses can navigate tight spaces and uneven terrain with ease. For even more adventurous trips, some minibus hire companies even offer off-road capable vehicles (depending on availability).

Are Impractical for City Travel

City streets and minibuses might seem like an odd mix, but it is not case in real! Minibuses are designed for navigating busy urban traffics.

Myth #6: Minibus Hire is a Complex and Time-Consuming Process

Minibus hire involves endless phone calls and complicated paperwork? You are at the wrong place or have had some bad experience. Because reputable minibus hire companies make the booking process a breeze like Kazi Minibus Hire.

With user-friendly online booking system and a simple phone call option, you just need to tell about your group size, travel route, and reputable companies will handle the rest!

Skip the Crowds, Choose Comfort: Enjoy a Hassle-free Journey with Kazi Minibus Hire

Our minibuses are wide enough to fit your entire gang while giving you plush seating experience. With top notch air-conditioned environment and ample legroom space, you can rest assured your trip is going to be a pleasant and comfortable one. Also, no need to stay attentive and awake to keep track of the route. Instead doze off and our driver will take you to your destination.

Furthermore, you don’t have to visit our office. Just fill out a form on our website or better call us directly and we will arrange everything for you. Contact Minibus Hire Minibus Hire Skipton today and get ready for a relaxing journey on your next road trip.

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