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Minibus hire with driver
Minibus hire with driver
Kazi Minibus Hire

Book a Minibus Hire with Driver

If you need an easy and convenient way to travel in a vehicle that accommodates however many passengers there are with you and gets you to your destination on time, Kazi Minibus Hire offers exceptional service. We focus on comfortable travel that is easily reachable so that you don’t have to worry about making costly travel arrangements at the eleventh hour, and simply arrange cheap minibus hire with us.

We offer unmatched accessibility. When you need a stress-free transfer, especially when you are travelling as a large group and are short on time, wouldn’t it be much easier to have your ride at your doorstep—complete with a professional driver? 


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Why Go For Our Book a Mini Bus Hire with Driver Service?

We are trusted by the locals in many areas around the UK for our dedication to quality service and customer care in minibus hire with drivers. Kazi Minibus Hire is preferred by clients because of its outstanding experience, made possible through focus on various factors.    

Fair Rates For All Rides

Looking for cheap minibus hire in your area? With Kazi Minibus Hire, you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet for a simple minibus hire, as we offer the best rates around for all rides

Minibus Hire With Driver

We have certified and trained drivers on our team. Well-versed in navigating their areas, local drivers can take you to your destination with minimal delay. Additionally, our drivers undergo training in both safe driving and customer service, and you will experience courteous conduct.

Large-Capacity Availability

Looking to hire a private, large-capacity minibus booking for your trip? Go for Kazi Minibus Hire, as we have a range of vehicles in various capacities—all the way up to 50+ seater coaches.

Luxury Travel Options

Looking to impress guests from out with a luxurious local minibus hire? We can fulfil requests for sleek exterior and interior, plush seating, air-conditioned/heated environment, and other added options for helping you rent a minibus with a stellar experience.

Seaters We Offer

Book A Minibus Hire with Driver

How to Book A Minibus Hire with Driver

Book minibus hire with a driver easily through our simple online booking process. Follow these steps to rent a minibus of your choice.


Fill out the online form or call us, and provide us with details such as required capacity, purpose of travel, add-ons, pick-up and drop-off locations, and time.


We will get back to you with a quote based on the type and capacity you need. Once approved, you can pay online through our secure system.

STEP Three

Your minibus will reach you, complete with a professional driver, at the given location and time. Enjoy a great experience with Kazi Minibus Hire.

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Call us anytime, we operate 24/7:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Minibus Booking

It depends on the vehicle you choose. For information about the cost to hire a minibus from us, fill out the quick and simple online form, and we will provide you with a quote promptly.

We are fully licensed and insured. You and your loved ones would be fully protected and covered by our insurance policy. Cheaper transport sounds good, but most of the time, they aren't properly licensed and insured.

We have a wide range of minibuses for hire available, perfect for small to large parties. The seater capacity you choose will determine the number of people that can fit in.

We have a wide range of minibuses for hire available, perfect for small to large parties. The seater capacity you choose will determine the number of people that can fit in.

Yes, we offer 24/7 minibus hire service. We have appropriate vehicles for airport transfers and other travels that require hiring a professional minibus service at any time of the day.

We cater to passengers in a range of regions in the UK, and we have provided a complete list on the page for you to confirm whether or not Kazi Minibus Hire is accessible to you.

Our vehicles go through inspection every 8 weeks by VOSA on top of every 12 months PCV MOT. We also inspect our vehicles before every journey. We make sure vehicles are clean, tidy and smelling nice.